Newsletter Edition 9

September 02, 2020

A week in words

At the beginning of the week I Started upskilling on React Native in preparation for my next project, more on that in the project chat!

At the start of the new week we headed up to lake Windermere. So this blog posts is coming to you from Cumbria! Myself, Charlotte and the Dog have gone up north, so we can spend a few days walking, kayaking and forgetting about regular life.

I made an extremely impulsive purchase. After my grand total of a week of using a macbook (2015) for work I went and bought myself a brand spanking new one. The one from 2015 was so fast saying it was 5 years old. It was also amazing using homebrew and the display was great. If that was the 2015 the new one must be amazing. So I got one. And I am now writing this article from it. I think next week I might write an article on whats its like for dev and a windows convert!

The new macbook pro

Project Chat

Less focus on projects this week as it’s been a relaxing/de-stress and a little upskilling in the spaces.

React Native - Week 1

So time to learn React Native! Been looking for a reason to use React Native for a while and now I have a project in mind I can start learning it!

What’s The project? Top Secret! I want to get my designs down first and spec out the journey before I commit to announcing the idea.

Why React Native?

  1. I have chosen React Native because React is my JS framework of choice and other than different View Components, its pretty much the same as React web!
  2. It has a lot of documentation online and forums are filled with React Native SupPort & How to’s. With this in mind I know if I can’t figure something out somebody else has been stuck on the same issue!
  3. It uses CSS to style up components! Well a subset of CSS so I don’t get to use CSS GRID 😭, But I get Flex so hope is not lost!
  4. Familiarity, there’s nothing wrong with this! it’s React, and I like it.

How are you learning it?

So I already know React, but I figured I would try to power through the course I purchased on Udemy to get familiar with the Components and best practices. I highly recommend checking out the course if you want to step into React Native!

So I started The Complete React Native + Hooks Course [2020 Edition] last week. With my break to the lakes I have only had time to get the very first part done and basically setup expo and run a hello world project but will keep everyone updated for next wednsday as i plan to use my Friday off to power through some sections!

Front End Wizard

  • I have an issue with CORS at the minute which is prventing me from uploading new links so as soon as I am back from the lake district I will get this looked into to add more links!

  • I updated with screenshots from the new FrontEndWizard and got it all up to date with correct descriptions of the project
  • Popup image is now a link to the live project.

Week Coding Breakdown

Check out Wakatime to find out what your coding breakdown is!

Coding stats for the last 7 days (usage > 5%):

Language Percentage Description
.md 49% A week relaxing means this article has been most of my IDE time!
.gitignore + git configs 14% Setting up my new mac
.json 14% More setup stuff and dot files for the ac
.js 13% The small amount of learning React native
.svelte 7% Update for

Off topic

I love typing on this mac, its shiny, new, and I love it. I also got an oculus Rift S this week! I have been playing a fair bit of beatsaber, and I must say, its bloody good for you! My half hour Beatsaber sessions are burning about 400-500 calories according to my Whoop band!

The lake district, an amazing place, we are 2 days into our stay in the lakes, and it started off in disappointing fashion. That’s behind me now and I have learnt from it, still making the most of this time to wind down from work and coding and just take it easy. Check out my Twitter if you care to see an occasional Lake district picture over the next couple of days!

Booked my golf lessons in, figured now I’m playing somewhat frequently I might as well get taught how to do it properly.

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