Newsletter Edition 11

September 16, 2020

A week in words

React Native, Nothing less, nothing more!

Project Chat

Lots and lots of React Native this week. I have an idea for a new project, so I am cramming as much React native content as possible. This way once I have finished planning the application I should be ready to start coding away!

React Native - Week 3

This week I continued with the Udemy course trying to do as much as possible whilst I plan out my application in the background.

I ran from section 6 up to section 11 and built 2 small apps in the process. One was a simple learning app just trying out a bunch of different React Native components. The second app was using the Yelp Fusion API to retrieve local restaurants near me and filter them by price. I have built the basics of that out, and I am now continuing to build that as part of the course.

The main thing I have been doing and struggling with is styling. React Native gives you a subset of the CSS standard and not CSS Grid which I mainly used outside React Native. This has meant I have had to get back up to scratch with CSS Flex as I was extremely rusty. To do this I did speed run through the free course and was ready to go.

The plan next week is to try to power through most of the course to get it to completion. The things I am most looking forward to on the course are:

  • In app authentication
  • Firebase Authentication
  • Firebase as a data store

The reason I am looking forward to these sections is that I think they will play a part in my own app. Currently, I am only in the thinking about it stage. I am hoping to have some real ideas formed in the next couple of weeks and hopefully I will be skilled up and ready to start building it!

Week Coding Breakdown

Check out Wakatime to find out what your coding breakdown is!

Coding stats for the last 7 days (usage > 5%):

Language Percentage Description
.js %90 So much React Native
.md %5

Off topic

Since writing the uses page it made me realise I really need a new chair. As it stands right now I am currently waiting for the delivery of my Secretlab Titan to arrive, Which hopefully, is today!

I have also been doing a lot of work on the garden in the last week. We are having the patio redone so I have been helping with it, and its been a lot of effort. Gardening is the best form of exercise. Lucky to be honest because at the minute its the only exercise I am getting!

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