Newsletter Edition 1

July 08, 2020

Welcome to the first newsletter. I tried blogging, I even enjoyed it a little. I just couldn’t sit down and start writing without hitting a wall! That’s why I started the newsletter. This will be released every Wednesday morning. This will be a round up of my week, what im working on, what im enjoying, what im not enjoying and much more general ramblings.

A week in words

This week has been a busy one! I have spent the entire week working in React projects both on the current client I am working at and my personal development time. I have been rebuilding this website and planning out how to run this newsletter. I still haven’t figured out how im going to properly run this newsletter yet but all I know is I am comitting to putting something out each week on a Wednesday.

I have a couple old projects I am looking to revamp and add mini write ups in future newsletters so keep an eye out for them! I will also start adding code snippets and things I pick up along my development journey!

Project Chat

There’s not been much activity on the project front in the last week as the focus has been rebuilding my personal website. But I made good progress! I am using Gatsby JS with the Starter Blog template from GitHub. I chose Gatsby JS because its really, really simple and very quick out of the box.I dont want to spend ages building this, I wanted to just get it released! I chose the blog started to save me time setting that up too. sometimes the lazy way is the best way! I wanted to keep this website as simple as possible, so I stripped away all the niceties of the old site and went for a minimal design.

I usually set up and start using sass straight away, but as you will see when you get to my coding breakdown theres no sass there! I used plain old CSS to just get the job done. I knew I wanted it as simple as possible so why bother using sass. Being 100% honest, it feels weird using vanilla css at this stage, I have been rooted in sass for so long.

Week Coding Breakdown

This will be weekly feature in the newsletter, so I can look back at any week and know what languages I did! If you want this information yourself check out Wakatime.

Coding stats for the last 7 days where usage was over 5%:

  • .jsx: 40%

    • This is predominantly for a project I’m on at work. React files containing jsx are marked with the .jsx file type instead of .js. Personally I don’t mind keeping them as .js in my projects.
  • .js: 33%

    • This is a mixture of rebuilding my personal website and work projects
  • .css: 21.85%

    • This is a mixture of rebuilding my personal website and work projects

Hot picks

  • CSS tricks, Which many of us depend on for the Flexbox guide have now made it into a poster!
  • If you are wanting to jump into react native and don’t know where to start. I cannot recommend the Complete React Native + Hooks Course enough! Definitely worth the small cost!
  • My go to icon pack with hundreds or icons for free! It also has a pretty dope premium tier FontAwesome

Off topic

This section is literally full of junk. It’s totally off topic things that I have been doing through the week.

Lockdown has been ever so slightly lifted in the UK. I wasn’t a member of the rush to the pub group, actually the opposite. I totally stoppped drinking around 3 months ago to try and improve my health. The reason I am adding this here is for the data/health techies that might be reading. check out Whoop. I have been using this tracker for the last 4 months now and it is extremely impressive! Miles better than the other brand of smart health watches I have had before.

As always, hit me up on twitter if you found this useful! Until next week, goodbye!

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