Im Kieran Venison

A self taught front end developer based in Manchester, UK.

I work building digital products for both businesses and consumer use. I'm confident, naturally curious, and improving on my skills day by day.


I am a confident, outgoing, self taught front end developer. I strive for quality both in design and performance. I have experience following kanban and scrum methodologies


My skill set lies predominantly around JavaScript and React. I have a strong understanding of JS and have been writing react applications for the past couple of years.

I have a strong understanding of HTML and CSS and have used a range of CSS pre-processors and methodologies in the past. Mainly SASS and the BEM CSS methodology.


I recently started writing a weekly newsletter to show the world what I do outside of work on a week by week basis so please head to the homepage and check that out

At UpFront conf 2019 I Delivered a lightning talk on Node, Express and why projects fail. This talk was a guide on writing your own API's using front end technologies.

Outside the office

When im not working I like to work on small development projects and upskill on technologies. At the moment that looks like upskilling in React Native. When I'm not working on personal projects I enjoy Golf, Hiking and Computer Gaming.

Career History

AND digital logo

2019 - present

AND digital

Consultant Product Developer

In this role I work in a range of languages and businesses following Agile/Scrum principles.

Sorted logo

2018 - 2019


Frontend developer

In this role I worked in react to build a dashboard based product. I also used Gatsby js to rebuild the company website as a static site.

CarFinance247 logo

2015 - 2018

CarFinance 247

Frontend developer

In this role I was responsible for a variety of things. I maintained existing products and build internal and customer facing solutions. I was responsible for the front end of CarFinance247 website, CarFinance 247 appform, CarFinance 247 members area, Carcraft website and many internal projects.

Diversity Travel logo

2014 - 2015

Diversity Travel

Junior web developer

In this role I rebuilt the company intranet from scratch using the WordPress framework. I am also on an ongoing project to improve the SEO of the external website. I have been using mainly PHP, mySQL and Apache, WAMP whilst in this position.

Web Applications UK logo

2013 - 2014

Web Applications UK


Learning the methods used by the company to create, manage and store web applications Learning to create web applications using HTML, CSS, ASP, C#, SQL, JavaScript and JQuery.

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