May 03, 2019 - 2 min read

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I change my dev setup on a regular basis. This blog post will act as a constantly updated list of how I am set up to do web development. Including all the hardware and tooling I use.

Operating system

  • At the moment I am using ubuntu however I dip in and out of Windows and Linux.

Editor & Terminal

  • Visual studio code - I have been using visual studio code solely for around a year now however I occasionally open up WebStorm. I am using VS Code with the following settings.
  • Currently, I am using the Fira code font family with font ligatures enabled for any IDE I use.
  • I am currently using the default terminal however watch this space because I am currently looking around for a better replacement. On Windows, I tend to use git bash and conemu.


  • Dell XPS 13” is my choice of laptop.
  • My monitor has recently been upgraded to a BenQ EW3270U 32 Inch 4K monitor
  • My desk is an 2.4m long desk built with two Linnmon desks from Ikea (I only have access to one half, the other half is for the missus)
  • When I am using my laptop and monitor to multiscreen I use a Logitech k380 Bluetooth keyboard. I have a BlackWidow chroma keyboard for gaming however I just cannot code on it, I’m used to only hitting W A S D on it
  • Mouse wise I use a Logitech MX Master 2S, best mouse ever made in my opinion.
  • The chair is an Xrocker leather effect chair (bought on the cheap) from Argos. But it has sure served well and still going strong.
  • I use a giant beer mat for my mouse mat, this is my pride and joy. I didn’t steal this I got it from a friends pub!
  • Gnarly desktop for gaming. I keep my gaming and laptop clean from one another so the temptation is not there to start playing a game when I’m trying to work.

Programs - excluding vs code

  • Figma is my goto for doing design based work when I want to flesh something out.
  • Chrome is my default browser however I am thinking of changing it out for FireFox due to the amazing CSS grid based inspection.
  • Postman



  • I use Mega to save and store common assets like SVG packs. at 50gb for free I can’t complain.

Chrome extensions.

Kieran Venison

Written by Kieran Venison who lives and works in Manchester UK. You should follow him on Twitter